Premium Listings vs Verified Profile

WARNING : This is an exceptionally sensitive issue of discussion. 

For a start, let’s understand a profile with PREMIUM Listing.

Premium advertisements are paid by individual who wish their advertisements will be notice; as such, mostly premium listed profile are on the main page. It is more likely like buying a beauty pageant to be on top, so to speak. Fairness is out of the equation here as well as every part of the world, money really can make you the champion of a race, miss universe and so forth…

where else…..

Verified profile is totally non monetary involvement at all, to say the least! They even had to be interviewed, proof of their existence; still, it depends of the eye site of the administrator handling the case that day. If accidentally the camera had a bad day, then lady luck needs to get involve and do her part.

As this matter involves a handful lots of agencies or establishment, MPL would rather the users use their own imaginations and intellect and figure out the matter discussed.

Any users that wish to know more about this matter can email us. We will try our best to explain it to you.


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