Escorts from China Town

Lively colorful China Town of Kuala Lumpur.

KL's China Town is centralize in Petaling Street where all the livelihood of Kuala Lumpur takes action. Vendors displaying of all kinds of fashion products for clothes and accessories. Haggling of prices and vendors trying to market their product makes the place lighten up.

Neighboring street 500 meters away the Central Market can be seen vendors with paintings, art work and accessories for home decorations. There are buskers singing, local artist making portraits for customers even some magicians performing.

Petaling Street

China Town Kuala Lumpur originally the business hub of Old KL. Through times and passing of generations somehow it became a must see tourist attraction. Out from the main is through the back lane there shops with a small red bulb indicating it is a brothel. Not advisable to just have a view without buying.

China Town Petaling Street
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