Kuala Lumpur Escort vs Kuala Lumpur’s Call Girl

Definition of Kuala Lumpur Escort vs Kuala Lumpur’s Call Girl.

The differences of Escort in Kuala Lumpur and Call Girl in Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Definitions

Escort Call Girl Service Kuala Lumpur

Call Girl Service in Kuala Lumpur


Kuala Lumpur Escort

In Malaysia the definition of Call Girl and an Escort are slightly different from other countries.

Let’s leave all the moral perceptions aside. An escort, like most people in the service industry, renders a service for a fee. The service will only be as good as you, the client, allow it to be, and is also dependent on how professional your provider is. Like bakers, cooks, or therapists, the best service provider is the one who enjoys her job, does it because she likes what she’s doing, and does it for clients she respects and understands.


The cost of a good escort can range from triple digits per hour to four and more for a whole night. Most escorts reserve the right to end their service at any time, for any reason, so make sure the baseline of your interaction is set before any money changes hands. Look for two important things:

She’s safe. That means you won’t have unprotected sex, if you’re having sex, and you won’t be able to do some of the things some people want to do.
She’s upfront and clear about her fees (“gifts”) and time spent. If she offers “GE” or “GFE” (girlfriend experience), make sure that that’s factored into the time she’ll spend with you and therefore her fees. Also ensure that transportation and accommodation are clear. If you expect her to stay over for the night, make sure you let her know specifics, even the fact that and if you snore, so she can prepare.

After all this is set, be prepared. Shower, clean up nicely, essentially treat her like a first date with a prospective new girlfriend. As I said above, the more she can enjoy it, the more you will. Have your money ready.

If a great romantic evening with a beautiful woman who will, no matter how much you might fall for her, not agree to see you again unless you are willing to do your part of the transaction, sounds good… then go for it. The escorts I know are all amazing women, great people, and know more about love, sex, and romance that most. They’re also leagues safer than a bar pickup and often cheaper than those, too.

Go for it if you can afford it. Heed the above and you’ll be virtually guaranteed a great experience.



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